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About Digital Chaupal

Digital Chaupal is an effective Q&A platform for communication among agriculture enthusiasts in an economical way; it holds tremendous potential to both positively impact agricultural performance and enhance the socio-economic status of the farmers. Technology adoption can modernize farmer’s production practices leading to improved annual returns for farmers, reduced risk of crop failure and increased yields.

When we create a platform that farmers can use to get digital knowledge on their cell phone when they know how much they produced, how much they have sold, how much has come under cultivation—when they can see all the data in their own language on a cell phone on a real-time basis—that is when the change starts taking place. That’s when we start feeling, yes, it is doable. India will always have a large number of small farmers, but small farmers can bring about a big change. They can be profitable, productive, and progressive—all three put together.

Digital Chaupal is a small effort for the big leap of “agriculture enthusiasts”